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Young Persons Unit

Young Persons Unit, Kent

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The PROMIS Adolescent Unit provides in-patient treatment for adolescents with depressive illness, behavioural problems and addictive disorders.By working with a multi-disciplinary team, young people, their families and schools can be helped to identify and assess the individual requirement for treatment.

With an emphasis on chemical abstinence, challenge and support from other patients, our dynamic treatment programme involves experiential, group and individual therapy. Through this process young people gain an insight into causes and consequences of their depression and their addictive and behavioural disorders.

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Each programme is tailored according to the individual’s needs. This process towards recovery will normally take between eight to twelve weeks, although the centre can provide a further extended care period if necessary.

Treatment within the Adolescent Unit consists of intensive group and idividual therapy, education, recreation and continued care. Throughout treatment, the young person is encouraged to explore and address their particular issues in a safe and secure environment. Support is continually provided by both fully qualified therapists and peers.

Families and carers are welcome to participate in the young person’s treatment through attending family sessions at weekends. In particular this contributes greatly to relapse prevention.

The Unit consists of recently refurbished bedrooms with en-suite facilities, relaxation and recreation lounge and a group dining room. All young people have accompanied access to the grounds, which include a volleyball and badminton court, tennis court, cricket nets and a five-a-side football pitch.

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