Staff Lectures

Staff Lectures

Lecture for the whole Staff

Having the confidence to be a friend

This section is aimed at confirming to staff the importance of addressing the problem and showing them why they are important in the process of helping their colleagues and friends. This section ofthe lecture will stress why confronting the problem is actually helping the individual. Emphasis will also be placed on showing the workforce that this lecture is aimed at improving workforce relations between colleagues and between staff and management.

The second part of this lecture will encompass:

  • What exactly is addiction?
  • How does it arise?
  • What forms does it take
  • What are the signs?
  • What are the signs?
  • How do we intervene with addictive behaviour?
  • How do we treat addictive behaviour?
  • How are family and work colleagues involved?

This section will make staff aware that addictive behaviour not only affects the individual’s life but also his or her work colleagues and family. This will also show how the company is concerned that if addicted or otherwise troubled individuals are being affected at work, the consequences are likely to spill over into all aspects of their life, especially family life.

What is the aftercare plan?

This final section ends on an optimistic note of showing that there are alternatives and there is help available. There is a choice. Addicts are not destined to suffer for the rest of their lives. They can have a quality of life they want and deserve.

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