Supervisor Lectures

Lecture for Supervisors

This lecture will encompass:

Understanding ADDICTION

This will provide an uncomplicated understanding of addiction in the context of the workplace. It
will incorporate explanations of addiction, addictive processes and how addiction manifests itself.


Once an understanding of the nature of addictions has been gained, this section of the lecture
will provide training in how to recognise the early signs of any addiction. It will also stress why
it is important that Managers have an accurate understanding of how to identify addictive behaviours.


Having gained the knowledge, the next stage is to acquire the skill and confidence to intervene
effectively. Fellow work colleagues instigate 70% of disciplinary action. Therefore, Managers need
to learn how to intervene effectively before the behaviour becomes so apparent that action has to be
taken, hence limiting the Manager’s options and leading to a “Them and Us” situation. Addiction
within the workplace affects the whole workforce. Intervention is therefore necessary in order to
maintain personnel productivity and morale.

This section of the lecture will enable Managers to approach individuals in a compassionate and
effective way thus helping to defuse troublesome situations in the workplace.


Once the true nature of the problem has been identified the various treatment options can be cost
effectively matched against the problem. This places the control back in the hands of management where
monitoring valued employees can be evaluated from a managerial and legal stance.

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