Seminars to Help Recognise and Tackle Addiction

Seminars to help recognise and tackle addiction

Addiction is far harder to detect than you would imagine.

Addictive behaviours do not always come wrapped in obvious stereotypes. You’d think your well-respected employee with the designer suit could not possibly be an addict? Addiction is often cleverly concealed making it very difficult to identify.


National statistics reveal more than 10% of the population have a serious problem with drugs or alcohol.

Astute employers realise the enormous cost incurred through loss of performance, poor decision-making and absenteeism. Caring employers often find it a mystery why valued employees can behave so erratically. Progressive employers realise awareness is the key to tackling the problem.

The PROMIS Recovery Centre recognise the serious problems faced by employers and appreciate the waste, in terms of time and investment if terminating employment is seen as the only option. As a well established, leading treatment centre for a wide range of addictive behaviours we can bring our expertise and specialist knowledge to your company.

Our training seminar can help you identify, intervene and treat addicts in the workplace, therefore enhance or formulate an effective company policy

Our tailor-made seminars from skilled, qualified and experienced professionals can provide the vital link to tackling addictive behaviours amongst your staff.

The seminars can be held at your workplace, at our treatment clinic in Nonington, Kent or alternatively at our London centre in South Kensington. Any number of people are welcome to attend.


  • Help you minimise the cost of addiction
  • Help you recognise the early signs
  • Offer practical assistance in the complex and sensitive area of intervention
  • Provide education on how to tackle the problem of addiction
  • Realise the benefits of treating your staff and thus reaping the rewards of safeguarding your investment.

EVEN THOUGH EACH SEMINAR CAN BE TAILOR-Made the general content includes:

  • An insight into the paraphernalia used for drug addiction – including a look at the substances and how they are used
  • What is the real nature of addiction
  • The range of addictive behaviours
  • Recognising the symptoms
  • How practical intervention works
  • Exploring appropriate treatment options

This increased awareness of addictive behaviours can provide a base; on which to build an in-depth training program to help your Management, Human Resources, Occupational Health, Personnel and General staff receive educational advice and awareness, so that addiction within fellow colleagues can be treated appropriately and effectively in a caring manner.


The PROMIS Recovery Centre provides a variety of training programmes and workshops for companies: including intensive training as well as counselling courses in the area of addictive behaviours.


These can be tailor made to meet specific needs and budget ranges. They include:

  • Observing the Group Process – the skill of true listening and observing
  • Time with Nursing Department
  • The Art of Intervention
  • Time with the Research Department

2: Advanced diploma in counselling FOR ADDICTIVE DISORDERS

The main aim of this advanced diploma course is to help those professionals who have responsibility for people with problems of addiction in relation to alcohol, drugs, food and other substances and behaviours.

It is ideal for those seeking to gain an accredited academic qualification combined with a practical, working, progressive treatment philosophy.

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