School Training For Addiction Prevention

School Advisors

Schools and parents dread the possibility of any child becoming an addict. Addiction is far harder to detect than you might imagine.

Addictions such as alcohol and drug dependency; anorexia; bulimia; overeating etc. do not always come wrapped in obvious stereotypes. Your pupils could well be hiding a disturbing secret. Addictive behaviour is often cleverly concealed, making it extremely difficult to identify.

Awareness of these issues is the first step: for teachers, pupils and parents.

Caring Schools:

  • Are appalled at how addiction completely wastes human potential.
  • Are baffled as to how some pupils can behave so erratically with loss of performance and absenteeism.
  • Realise awareness is the key to tackling the problem.

The PROMIS Recovery Centre knows that addictions create serious problems for schools and communities and appreciate the need to understand the different aspects of addiction.

As a well established, leading treatment centre for a wide range of addictive behaviours, we can bring our expertise and specialist knowledge to your pupils and staff. Our training seminar can help you identify, intervene and tackle addictions amongst your pupils.

Our specialised seminars would help your school to develop a compassionate, effective policy towards addictive behaviours, thereby:

  • Enhancing your school’s reputation
  • Maintaining parent confidence
  • Helping pupils to get compassionate help rather than dismissive discipline
  • Contributing to positive community awareness

Our tailor-made seminars from skilled, qualified and experienced professionals can provide that vital link to tackling addictive behaviours amongst your pupils.

The seminars can be held at your school, at our treatment clinic in Kent or alternatively at our London centre in South Kensington. Any number of pupils, staff or parents can be catered for.



The PROMIS Recovery Centre runs educational seminars for Schools. This can be either for teachers, pupils or staff and although each is tailor made, the focus is:

  • What the addictive process really is as opposed to the stereotype presentation.
  • Look at all the various addictive behaviours including eating disorders.
  • Recognising the early signs of addictive behaviour.
  • Understanding how the treatment process works.
  • Understanding how to help others get help for their addiction problems.


  • Help you minimise the effects of addiction.
  • Help you recognise the early signs.
  • Offer practical assistance in the complex and sensitive area of intervention.
  • Provide education on how to tackle the problem of addiction.
  • Realise the benefits of treating your pupils and thus enhancing your school’s reputation and standing within today’s competitive environment.


  • An insight into the paraphernalia used for drug addiction – including a look at the substances and how they are used.
  • What is the real nature of addiction.
  • The range of addictive behaviours.
  • Recognising the symptoms.
  • How we can intervene.
  • How we can treat an addict.
  • Stages of treatment.
  • Aftercare Family program.
  • The awareness of addictive behaviours can provide in-depth educational advice and understanding so that addictive behaviours can be identified, handled sympathetically and treated effectively.

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