Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kent

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kent

If you live close to Kent and need help with your substance problem, our rehab clinic could be the answer to your problems.

PROMIS offers comprehensive treatment plans that serve a multitude of mental health and addiction problems for those who would like to benefit from a rehab centre at a distance from their nearby community.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Issue in Kent

Although Kent is known for its picturesque scenery, phenomenal beaches and lush countryside, the issue with alcohol and drug addiction is far too real.

For people caught in the grip of all its might, breaking free can appear to be an unachievable truth.

This worrying problem affects people everywhere, regardless of where they’re from or their background, with the result of addiction involving more than just the life of the addict – their families, friends, and even the community in general also feel the disastrous impact of substance abuse. 

At PROMIS Rehab Clinic, we understand the gravity of addressing these problems head-first and providing powerful solutions for those living in Kent;

that’s why we have intuitively tailored effective rehab programmes that specifically focus on our patient’s problems – by doing so, we believe that not only do we provide the greatest likelihood of healing, but the strength to refrain from continued use in the future.

Comprehending Drug or Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol or drug abuse is a disease that affects millions of people around the globe and continuously growing.

We are diverse and have different ways of thinking, acting and behaving, so having one factual answer for what triggers addiction would be a lousy way to categorise it.

We’re all unique; we all have an array of things happening both in our physical and psychological worlds – what could have caused dependence on one has nothing to do with the other. However, addiction often has a routine of destruction, and the associated behaviours can often land people into trouble.

So, what are the primary reasons for the start of an addiction?

Causes of Addiction

Dependencies come in abundant forms without prejudice of where you are from in the UK, and those living in Kent are no exception to the rule. 

Drug or alcohol dependence has various influencing factors, from environmental factors and genetic predispositions to peer pressures or mental health problems like depression, anxiety or even trauma.

Many of these factors—from family dynamics to peer pressure—can lead to beginning experimentation with substances.

It’s vital to comprehend that even the first recreational time using can form the start of addiction, more commonly if there are biological factors that stem from family members or a history of dependence.

Drug and alcohol dependencies are complex problems driven by biological, psychological and sociocultural variables – all of which should be considered when creating a blueprint for healing.

It’s crucial to learn that participating in treatment can mean whether or not there’s success or failure when attempting the road to healing.

Importance of Attending A Treatment Centre

Although rehab has had a negative stigma attached to it for some people, the success stories overly outweigh those that speak negatively about the service that’s provided.

It’s important to remember that those who spread negative comments are usually not ready to face that they need assistance with their substance addiction,  after all, it’s usually the hardest step!

Regardless of the seriousness of addiction, receiving treatment from a rehab programme certifies a safe and supportive setting with the help of an expertly skilled and knowledgeable medical team – an ideal setting for those who require a detox. 

Moreover, since addiction can be physical and psychological and often works in conjunction with mental health disorders, our addiction specialists comprehend how to tend to both conditions concurrently and address any underlying issues that may not have been detected previously.

Another reason for considering rehabilitation is it provides abundant counselling and different types of therapies.

These discussions aid the client in finding answers to what triggers their addictions and, at the same time, provide an environment that’s supportive where you can talk about difficult experiences.   

It’s always advised to find help from a rehab clinic in order to achieve the most remarkable results when attempting to stop or abstain from using substances – without professional help, it’s usually tremendously hard to stay clean and, more often than not, regress to the same old comfortable condition of addiction.

Our Addiction Treatments

Our unbeatable addiction treatments at PROMIS Rehab Clinic are entirely individualised – we have the ability to treat a multitude of different addictions and conditions.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is one of the country’s largest killers regarding addiction. Our alcohol rehab treatment programme allows our patients to detox safely and manage intolerable withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol rehabilitation is, at times, especially dangerous if not handled or supervised under a controlled setting – that’s why we provide some of the most exceptional addiction treatment programmes for alcohol in the nation that help our clients stay sober.

Drug Addiction

Substance addictions expand far and wide, with some users opting for complex Class-A substances, like heroin and ecstasy, whilst others develop their habits to alternative substances like prescription medications.

In any circumstance, drug addiction is often burdensome on both the mind and body.

Despite your substance selection, we at PROMIS have abundant knowledge and practical knowledge in managing substance addictions, overseeing their symptoms and providing relapse prevention approaches.

Mental Health

At PROMIS Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, we view mental health disorders tremendously seriously.

We are convinced that by constructing treatment plans that place attention on both addiction and mental health, we can give our service users the proper care to address both problems together.

For users who don’t suffer from addiction challenges and solely seek a treatment programme for their particular mental health problem, we also offer specialised plans catering to their distinct necessities.

Process Addictions

Process addictions are very much real, and here at PROMIS, we are delighted to provide some of the finest treatment and recovery programmes around the United Kingdom.

From eating disorders to internet and gambling addictions – be confident that we can solve your most deep-seated problems.

Residential Rehab Treatments

Insomuch as treatment options go, PROMIS excels in delivering some of the most outstanding inpatient rehab programmes for every type of person.

We choose to individualise your rehab experience to your treatment demands so we can support your mental health or your addiction to the highest point of quality.

Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox

Our detox regimens focus on drug or alcohol habituation and deliver the proper surroundings for implementing such a task.

As detoxification can be both unpleasant and potentially life-threatening, it’s essential to realise that this phase of the rehab process ought to be completed under proper management with a team of specialists

As we prepare the blueprint for a meticulous detox service, you can rest and feel relaxed knowing that PROMIS will model this process to be as tranquil as possible – regardless of your substance of addiction, PROMIS has the means to make the voyage to sobriety a likely outcome.

Dual Diagnosis

Our dual-diagnosis tactic at PROMIS is holistic, targeting not merely the physical manifestations of addiction but also any mental health ailments that could heighten the problem.

We’re dedicated to tackling the entire individual, not just the outward signs of addiction.

Our highly skilled mental health crew is at the ready to diagnose any co-existing mental health concerns that may be propelling your addiction. By simultaneously confronting these issues, we considerably reduce the likelihood of relapse, thereby boosting your prospect of securing enduring recovery.

Personalised Treatment

Recognising the individuality of every person is integral to our ethos at PROMIS. Consequently, we are dedicated to offering bespoke treatment programmes that focus on each patient’s unique circumstances and conditions.

During the admissions procedure, we examine the initial condition – substance misuse or other challenges – and your unique personal journey. This empowers us to formulate a treatment plan that meets your individual requirements and, ultimately, leads to an effective recovery.

Mental Health

Addressing mental health is crucial for both addiction and non-addiction patients. We provide a plethora of counselling, group therapy, family therapy and support groups for those who wish to attend treatment for mental health with us at PROMIS.

We can collectively overcome gloom-ridden ideations and restore you to where you ought to be – savouring life to its fullest capacity.


Defeating addiction doesn’t conclude with your residential stay at our treatment centres. The instance you move from rehab to normal life can often present troubles – we are fully sensitive to the difficulties tied to melding back into usual activities.

For this reason, we deliver a superior aftercare programme, preparing our patients with the crucial mechanisms required to repel any cravings or deal with any demanding situations.

Benefits of Attending Addiction Rehab Outside Your Area

Despite a substantial choice of substance abuse recovery clinics in Kent, it’s important to remember that not all solutions could be the most appropriate for each person.

Selecting the suitable treatment centre for you can be challenging, notably when you must consider the standard of the rendered services, the range of offered rehab modalities, and the total setting of the recovery institution.

Yet, now that you have been apprised of PROMIS and all of our premium services, we can expound on the bountiful benefits of joining a rehab distant from your vicinity.

Stepping away from Provocations: By choosing treatment away from Kent, you physically separate yourself from triggers that are connected with your addiction – friends or family members, venues, and circumstances can all be part of your psychological and physical cravings, and by moving them out of vision, you can focus on a fresh beginning of healing and recovery.

Privacy and Confidentiality: We acknowledge the stigma attached to participating in rehab, so choosing to attend away from your local area offers a fair weight of privacy and confidentiality.

Although there is absolutely nothing to be regretful of for seeking treatment, the likelihood of running into acquaintances or individuals who may be unaware of your problems is notably cut down – possibly even eliminated. This tranquillity usually aids in relaxing and releasing thoughts about your addiction during therapy.

New Aid System: Selecting a different setting away from home opens up novel avenues from a community that comparts similar experiences as yourself.

The chance to connect with others through therapy is an underestimated benefit – building associations and camaraderie through these programmes is one of the most prolific instruments to help achieve long-lasting sobriety and reduce relapse.

Varied Treatment Alternatives: When choosing a rehab centre far from your local community, you open yourself to a broader range of methods that may not be accessible nearby. This could encompass a range of holistic therapies, cutting-edge methods, and an expansive selection of specialists.

Break from Habitual Behaviour: A local setting may deepen old habits related to substance use. Choosing rehab in a different area offers a refreshing change of scenery, which can help break the addiction cycle.

Fresh Viewpoint: Immersing in a new setting can offer you a fresh perspective on life. This change can provide the mental breathing space needed to reconsider your life choices and build new, healthier habits.

Enhanced Commitment: The initiative required to travel for treatment can amplify your sense of resolve to the recovery process. This determination can be a strong motivator during the more challenging phases of recovery.

Cultural Swap: Attending a rehab centre away from your local area could mean meeting individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This multicultural engagement can enrich your experience, expand your worldview, and provide varied perspectives on managing addiction.

Receiving Help For Addiction Near Kent

Kent might not be the perfect choice for everyone seeking rehabilitative interventions, and we grasp this.

With this in mind, we put forward a deluxe alternative solution for those who yearn for personal, high-end treatment away from their local locations. Our tactic entails elite-level treatment and nurtures the development of all-encompassing well-being, behaviour, and a constructive outlook.

Take the initiative today and determine how PROMIS can contribute to creating the fulfilling life that you are entitled to.

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