Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Lancashire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Lancashire

Are you seeking addiction treatment from a residential rehab in the Lancashire region?

PROMIS offers effective treatment plans that cater for several addictions and mental health problems for people who wish to be part of a rehab centre away from their local region.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Issue in Lancashire

Even though Lancashire is renowned for its picturesque scenery, incredible beaches and rich countryside, the problem with substance addiction is very much real.

For those snatched in the grip of all its might, healing can appear an eternity away from becoming a reality. This worrying issue affects people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, or social status, with the result of addiction influencing much more than just the life of the addict.

At PROMIS Clinic, we understand the urgency of facing these problems head-first and providing constructive solutions for those fighting dependency issues in Lancashire, which is why we have proactively composed effective addiction programmes that specifically focus on our patients’ precise issues – By doing so, we’re confident that as well as providing the most significant probability of healing, but the competency to refrain from continued use further on.

Comprehending Alcohol or Drug Addiction

When trying to understand drug or alcohol addiction, it’s imperative to focus on the associated triggers and how they arise to become an issue to begin with.

With general commitments such as work obligations and social influences contributing to how we manage our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that individuals look for drugs or alcohol as a way of coping.

However, while substance misuse usually begins innocently, things usually get out of control and spiral swiftly into something much worse – addiction. As of now, individuals find themselves walking down the path of self-destruction and, because of this, falling subject to the effects of drugs or alcohol.

So what exactly is the reasoning behind such behaviour?

Addiction Causes

Dependencies come in many forms without prejudice of where you’re from in the UK, and those residing in Lancashire are no different. 

Drug or alcohol dependence has various influencing factors, from genetic predispositions and environmental influences to social pressures or mental health problems like depression, anxiety or trauma. Many of these factors—from family dynamics to peer pressure—can lead to beginning experimentation with substances.

It’s crucial to understand that even the first dabble can instigate the beginning of dependence, especially if there are biological factors that stem from family members or have a history of dependence.

At the end of the day, alcohol and drug dependencies are complex illnesses driven by psychological, biological and sociocultural variables – all of which must be taken into account when forming a blueprint for healing.

Importance of Attending A Treatment Centre

Accepting help from a treatment centre ensures not only the health and safety of the client but also provides the utmost attention and care delivered by an outstandingly skilled and passionate medical team that focuses on the most important factor – getting you better! 

Dependence and mental health problems go hand-in-hand – we are very much conscious of that. It’s not uncommon that mental health disorders are left untreated as the main focus can sometimes be solely on the addiction part. However,  our addiction experts are properly trained to deal with both conditions together, giving our patients the greatest chance of recovery and avoiding a potential relapse.

Those who attend an alcohol and drug rehab also have the freedom to grasp and understand the reasoning behind their addiction and what originally triggered their cravings. Without this advantage, it can be complicated to determine exactly how to avert relapsing. Aftercare services also supply the patient with an array of instruments to continue their long-term recovery journey – one of the foremost phases of recovery.

Our Treatments for Addiction

Our state-of-the-art dependence treatments at PROMIS  are entirely personalised – we have the resources to treat various addictions and conditions

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a massive killer and should never be underestimated – almost 21,000 people die annually from alcohol-related deaths.

The numbers speak for themselves. The problem with alcoholism is that it can be profusely challenging to manage due to the unbearable withdrawal symptoms and associated cravings.

Here at PROMIS Center, our attitude is to ensure the health and safety of our patients from the get-go – ensuring we control and manage all uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms during the detox phase. That way, we ensure the greatest outcome – recovery.

Drug Addiction

The influence of substance abuse reaches far and wide, with some addicts choosing potent Class-A substances like heroin and stimulants. In contrast, others develop their addictions to alternative substances such as prescription drugs. Whatever the circumstance, drug addiction tends to be a demanding challenge for both mind and body.

No matter your substance of choice is, we at PROMIS have extensive insight and expertise in handling substance addictions, controlling their symptoms and providing relapse prevention approaches.

Mental Health

At PROMIS Alcohol and Drug Rehab Hub, we approach mental health conditions with utmost seriousness. We are convinced that by creating treatment plans that anchor on both addiction and mental health, we can provide our service users with all-encompassing care to treat both ailments jointly.

For persons who don’t suffer from dependence problems and only require a treatment strategy for their unique mental health problem, we also have tailor-made plans that cater to their individual requirements.

Process Addictions

At PROMIS, we understand the severity of process addictions and are proud to propose some top recovery and treatment programmes across the UK. Be it eating disorders or addictions to sex and gaming – be assured that we can offer solutions for your most individual issues.

Inpatient Rehab Treatment Options

With regard to treatment strategies, PROMIS is distinguished in offering some of the best inpatient rehab programmes catering to people from all walks of life. We endeavour to customise your rehab experience based on your specific treatment requirements, thus ensuring we support your mental health or addiction struggles to the highest standard of care.

Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox

Our detox programmes cover drug or alcohol dependence and supply the optimal context for undertaking such an endeavour. Since detoxification can be distressing but occasionally hazardous, it’s fundamental to understand that this portion of the rehab process must be completed under adequate oversight through a crew of specialists.

While we construct the framework for a meticulous detox service, you can rest and feel calm knowing that PROMIS will fashion this process to be as calm as possible – regardless of your substance of addiction, PROMIS has the means to make the voyage to sobriety a likely outcome.

Dual Diagnosis

Our dual-diagnosis tactic at PROMIS is all-inclusive, targeting the physical manifestations of addiction and any mental health ailments that could aggravate the issue. We’re committed to tackling the entire individual, not just the outward signs of addiction. 

Our highly skilled mental health crew is at the ready to pinpoint any co-existing mental health issues that may be feeding your addiction. By simultaneously confronting these disorders, we considerably reduce the likelihood of relapse, thereby boosting your prospect of securing enduring recovery.

Personalised Treatment

At PROMIS, every patient is special and thus, they should experience a customised treatment programme that concentrates on their own unique condition and scenario.

During the admissions process for chemical dependency treatment or any other issue, we will review your individual history of addiction so we can deliver treatment that matches your specific requirements and, ultimately, provide you with the top possibility of triumph.

Mental Health

Attending to mental health is central for both those facing addiction and those not. We administer counselling, support groups, family therapy, and group therapy for those who long to commit to mental health therapy with us at PROMIS.

Unitedly, we can tackle unfavourable mental states and bring you back to where you rightly belong – living through life to its fullest.


The voyage towards triumphing over substance misuse isn’t limited to the duration spent within the shielded setting of our rehabilitation centres.

As you transition back into the realities of life post-rehab, you may encounter trials – we fully comprehend the subtleties involved in readjusting to a regular lifestyle. Therefore, we supply a cutting-edge aftercare programme, arming our users with the essential strategies to manage potential cravings or handle strenuous circumstances.

Benefits of Attending Addiction Rehab Away From Your Area

Whilst the assortment of drug and alcohol treatment clinics in Lancashire may be wide-ranging, they may only satisfy some clients’s specific demands. Opting for the most suitable institution might be a difficult venture, notably when you must assess the level of therapy, the diversity of therapy choices accessible, and, indeed, the actual surroundings of the centre itself.

Albeit, now that you have knowledge of PROMIS and all of our luxury services, we can delve into the extensive benefits of taking part in a rehab away from your area.

Wider Treatment Alternatives: Opting for a rehab centre away from your local area, you open yourself to a greater selection of methods, which may not be offered nearby. This could encompass various holistic therapies, innovative methods, and an extensive selection of specialists.

Encourages Autonomy: Being far away from home fosters a greater sense of self-sufficiency, enabling you to handle your recovery autonomously, a skill necessary for maintaining long-term sobriety post the structured treatment.

Break from Habitual Behaviour: A local setting may deepen old habits tied to substance use. Opting for rehab in a new area gives a refreshing change of scenery, which can facilitate the breaking of the addiction cycle.

Distinctive Restorative Environments: Some rehab centres are situated in serene, natural settings that can greatly facilitate the healing process. Being in such a therapeutic ambience away from the urban chaos could be critical in your journey towards recovery.

Social Interchange: Attending a rehab centre away from your local area could mean engaging with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This multicultural engagement can enrich your experience, extend your worldview, and provide varied perspectives on managing addiction.

Getting Help For Addiction Near Lancashire

Lancashire might not be the best fit for everyone seeking treatments, and we comprehend this unequivocally. Considering this, we put forward an elegant substitute choice for those who yearn for personal, premium treatment away from their local locations.

Our method entails elite-level treatment and encourages advancing all-encompassing health, attitude, and a bright outlook.

Why wait? Reach out to us right now and find out how PROMIS can assist in leading your way to the life you should rightfully have.

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