Is there an age limit to attend the residential programme?

We regularly treat patients aged 14 to 70. The treatment programme of minors or seniors may be subjected to special arrangements to ensure appropriate care.

Do you accept private insurances?

We do not work directly with insurance providers, however, we would advise you to check with your provider whether you qualify for the cover of your treatment.

What are the funding options?

We work solely with private funding, provided either by the patient, relatives, employer or other sponsors.

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made through bank transfers, any major debit or credit card, in cash or by check.

Is there a minimum time of stay for the residential programme?

There can be no maximum or minimum amount of time to heal and recover, each patient has a unique set of circumstances and time needed to recover could vary from weeks to months. We do not ask our patients to make specific time commitments but a commitment to recovery.

We have multiple options and packages that are designed to provide the right amount of support with maximum flexibility at different stages of recovery. Our commitment is to be there for you for as long as you need.

Does PROMIS offer help with work or legal issues?

Whilst refraining from giving out legal advise, we can provide enrollment, completion letters and other information to the legal agencies at the request of our patients.

What can be done when the addict does not want to receive help?

We regularly witness that recovery does not always have to be voluntary in order to be successful. Denial is a fundamental factor in the cycle of addiction which individuals may sometimes find it difficult to get out of by themselves. In such cases, recovery process can begin through an intervention. There are different types of interventions to suit different situations. Please visit our interventions page for more information.

Can I bring my pet along into residential treatment?

Yes, we are happy to welcome your little companion. Recovery is about learning to include the things that are beneficial to our well-being and moving away from things that are harmful.

Extensive literature supports the countless health benefits of caring for an animal, not that any pet owner would need the backing of research and studies to advocate the positive effects their animals have on them. We believe and witness how pets can enhance the recovery process, reduce our stress and anxiety levels, teach compassion and forgiveness as well as assertiveness and leadership skills whilst providing unconditional love.

An extra pet fee may be applicable to cover any cleaning services. All pets need to be pre-approved. Special arrangements may be necessary depending on the breed and the size of the animal.

What are your policies on cell phone and computer use?

At PROMIS, we do not restrict our patients’ civil rights. Although we aim to create an ideal setting in which recovery can blossom, we also believe this can only be achieved by allowing our patients to take on the responsibilities of life. We consider our clinics a campus where patients learn to live and enjoy a fulfilling life free from addiction.

What is your admissions procedure and how soon can I access treatment?

We are able to accept immediate admissions. You will be assisted by our assessment team and a dedicated therapist who will help you with all the necessary arrangements from the moment you take that initial step towards your well-being.

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