Therapy tools: Anxiety

**Acknowledge Anxiety as Unfocused Fear**: Understand that anxiety is a form of fear that lacks a clear and specific focus, a holdover from instinctual responses that have evolved over time to protect us from danger. **Focus the Fear**: To counteract this unfocused anxiety, the method involves channelling the fear into specific concerns that you can […]

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Art Therapy

Yippee it’s Friday, which means today at Hay Farm we have our Art therapy session from 11am – 1pm. Art Therapy utilises the creative process of art, anyone can be creative in some form or another.   Surprisingly the effects of art therapy can lead to a general sense of relief and overall feeling of

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Choosing a good therapist

Choosing a good therapist

It is so difficult to go through the process of choosing a good therapist. Often, the time when we are looking is also when we are most likely to find it the hardest to judge a good therapist from a bad one. If you want to discover how bad therapists can be just try enrolling

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Help for Alcoholism: Find Support & Treatment Options

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol use disorder, is a serious condition affecting millions worldwide. It is characterized by a person’s inability to control their drinking habits, which can lead to negative consequences in their personal and professional life. Those who struggle with alcoholism may be considered an alcoholic and may benefit from addiction treatment. Codependency can

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Eating Disorder Clinic

Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are serious mental health issues that affect millions of people in the UK alone. Clinics offer specialist services, including psychological treatments, nutritional support, and family therapy on an inpatient or outpatient basis to help those struggling with eating disorders manage their symptoms and recover. People with

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Spring at Hay Farm

Spring has officially sprung at Hay Farm, and there’s no better time to be in the countryside, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. This season of renewal and growth has brought with it an array of vibrant colours and fresh fragrances, as we’ve been busy planting a delightful variety of spring flowers throughout the

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Talking therapies shown to have long-term physical health benefits.

As if relief from the pain of depression wasn’t reward enough, it is now being shown that there are significant physical health benefits to relieving depression through talking therapies. A study published by researchers at University College London in the European Heart Journal has shown that successfully treating depression with talking therapies also significantly benefits

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ACT Values Bullseye Exercise

The Values Bullseye activity is derived from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles. This exercise helps you recognise your fundamental values and assess how well your present actions align with them. To begin, first, determine your central values. These might encompass aspects such as family, career, health, community, or spirituality. Spend some time contemplating what

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